'Zuma must take from whites'

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe says that President Jacob Zuma has to "take" from whites in South Africa in order to fulfil his campaign promises, according to a US embassy cable leaked to whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

The cable, obtained exclusively by Media24 Investigations, reportedly details a "surreal" three-hour meeting in which an Mugabe spoke to former US ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee and US Democratic Party congressman Donald Payne in mid-2009.

In the cable, Mugabe is described as "alert", "articulate", "defiant" and "clearly stuck in the past". It added that he "appeared to be a vigorous 85-year-old in superb health".

Mugabe reportedly said that "the South African people want to see their social needs attended to".  

"While Zuma has made promises, it remains to be seen if they will come true. Mugabe opined that in order to fulfil his campaign promises, Zuma will have to take from the haves — the whites — and give to the have-nots. The question, Mugabe believed, is if they [the whites] are willing to share their businesses with blacks," the cable reads, according to Beeld.

He reportedly claimed it was easier in Zimbabwe where there are "not that many whites", whereas "South Africa has four million whites... plus the Indians".

Report ID: 755
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Nationwide
City/Town: Nationwide
Suburb: Zim
Address: Zimbabwe
Crime Date/Time: 22 Dec 2010, 00:12 AM
Reported By: Username977
Reported Date: 22 Dec 2010, 15:12 PM
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