Woman shoots and kills dog

Woman shoots dog in the head and kills it while the dog posed no threat to anyone at that stage and was being subdued - woman did not consider the safety of anyone around her as well as the person who held on to the dog. We were taking care of my brothers dog for him untill he moved into his house, the dog was a pure bred pit bull female of about a year old, she must have been on heat and had somehow escaped from the yard and attacked another dog, but was subdued rather quickly, the other dog was taken to the vet and appears to have recovered fully, but the owner of the dog went beserk and with no thought for the safety of the bystanders shot and killed my brothers dog - the case is supposedly being investigated by the police but we have not heard anything yet.

Report ID: 766
Crime Category: Animal Cruelty
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Hazelwood
Address: Sunrise Avenue Hazelwood
Crime Date/Time: 11 Nov 2010, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username766
Reported Date: 2 Jan 2011, 09:01 AM
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  • Penny Bartlett 7 Jan 2011, 11:52 AM

    We have just experienced the same with my sons pit who was only 18 months old and the dog was also shot - legally she was not allowed to shoot the dog - if you are able get some advise from a lawyer, got that route - if not, lay a charge at the police station. I am so sick of people condemning pitbulls - statistically more german shephards bite than pitbulls - it is normally an accident, but people just assume that pits go out with the intention of "killing" - I wish they would all just grow up. Thoughts are with you.

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