Neighbours trying to kill cats in area

Neighbour erected steel spikes on one section of the wall to prevent cats from walking on it. Neighbours have advised that they will not remove them as they'd rather have dead cats than live ones that keep them awake and steel their dogs food. Neighbours have advised that if we remove the spikes, they will put up electric fencing so that the cats get electrocuted instead.

Report ID: 8026
Crime Category: Animal Cruelty
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Milnerton
Address: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 28 Feb 2015, 00:02 AM
Reported By: Username8026
Reported Date: 30 Mar 2015, 12:03 PM
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  • Don3 2 May 2015, 07:55 PM

    I doubt the cats will come to any harm on the spikes. They're not as dumb as your neighbours dogs.Its not worth bickering over...let them be.

  • Rob7 30 Apr 2015, 04:49 PM

    Your an idiot, when last did you see a cat kill itself on a spike. Best thing is to take your cats to the vet and have them fixed, your neighbor is obviously fed up with your failed attempts to take care of your pets. Really, have you seen the shocking things reported here and you feel it worthy to mention this.

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