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To whom this may concern:
I’m reporting an incident I’ve just experienced recently.  I have been duped by someone from Pretoria, South Africa.  I posted in my pre-loved or used Blackberry Z10 phone.  On 13 March 2015, I received an inquiry and I'm to reply to
I replied and after which, he also sent a reply stating the name and address for the delivery and that he will shoulder the shipping cost since this will be overseas.  Below is the delivery details:Name: Leo WillyAddress: Flat 6001, Ceres Building, 229 Jeff Masemola StreetCity: PretoriaCountry: South AfricaPostal Code: 0002Phone Number: +27611014363 After a series of emails to/fro, I have entered into a transaction with a certain Mr. Larry S. Williams on 16 March 2015.  Here are the list of events in chronological order:1) 16 March 2015:  I received an email from with the subject "Electronic Confirmation Transfer Payment of P13,000.00PHP Receive From Larry Williams".  The email has a letterhead and signature from Alpine Bank and that the electronic transfer has been approved.  However, they will not credit the amount until I provide shipment details to them and that I’m expected to make the shipment within 12-24 hours.  I actually performed initial research to check if this is a legitimate bank.  It turns out to be legit and that they are based in the US.  Given that it’s legit, on this same day, I sent the FedEx tracking no. (8062 1803 2562) to the 3 emails namely , , and .
2) 17 March 2015:  I received another email from stating that in order for the final verification to commence and for the amount to be credited, I'm to scan the receipt from the courier.  I scanned the receipt and emailed it to said addresses.
At this time, I already wanted to raise the question on why they haven't stated the needed additional requirements in their very first email.  But I didn't and processed the shipping of the item.  After which, on that same day, I received another email from stating that the scanned receipt and the tracking number has been forwarded to their verification department and this will take up to 24 hours for verification.  I’m starting to be alarmed and pissed already.  So I've asked my bank around this time, regarding fund transfers from international bank, and they said that this will be credited to my account on the second day from the time it was sent.  To me this was already taking so long considering that the item is already in transit.  I mentioned to them that if they will not credit such amount, I will have to call FedEx to hold the shipment wherever it is and bring it back to me.  But Mr. Williams asked me to listen to reason since the money has been deducted from his account.  So I conceded even though I’ve started to doubt.  He even started threatening me that if I will hold the shipment, he will be taking this to the police.  I told him that I’m not scared since technically the money is still not with me and the item is already in transit.  If ever there's someone who has the right to tell the police, it's me.  Still I was patient.
3) 19 March 2015:  I received another email from saying that the fund transfer has been approved and that the money will be credited to my account on Sunday - 22 March 2015 (estimated).  Please take note, estimated and Sunday when clearly it's not a banking day?!  They are not clear at all.  Here I'm really, really pissed off and frustrated already.  They keep on saying that it's part of the bank’s procedure, that I have to be patient, etc.  I've never encountered a bank or even Paypal to be this incompetent in the way they've handled this whole ordeal.  They keep changing their lead times in crediting the payment to my account.  I actually did think of calling FedEx, but unfortunately they don’t have 24/7 customer support.  Instead, I sent a lot of irate emails to the 3 mentioned above but to no avail. 4) 22 March 2015:  I received another email from with the subject "SERVER UPGRADING.." and that my account will be credited in the next 48 hours as they are still upgrading their server.  They're assuring me that the fund is intact and they shall proceed to credit once the technical problem is sorted out.  This is where I started to question them.  Why do you have to do server upgrading on a Sunday????  Assuming they do not like to disrupt bank operations on weekdays, they will do it on weekends.  But why does it have to fall on a Sunday, on the same day they promised to have the amount credited to me?????  I'm super alarmed because it seems that they will not be paying me and by this time the shipment is somewhere in Dubai.  I responded to them really mad this time highlighting their promises and in keeping on changing their lead times.  Can you blame me for crying foul?????  They responded apologizing and that they could not DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.  
Since there is no Sunday business at FedEx, I could not cancel or hold the shipment which should have been the right thing for me to do.  5) 24 March 2015:  Just as the 48 hours they've promised will be over, again sent me an email with the subject "REFUND ALERT".  Apparently, there was a Php5,000.00 over payment from Mr. Williams that they need to be refunded by me before they transfer the whole amount of Php18,500.00 to me.  I'm to transfer the money via Western Union to a certain BALOYI DINEO MARIA. Below are the details:Receiver's Name-                  BALOYI DINEO MARIA
1:Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
2:Sender's Name and Address.
3:Security Question:            Color
4:Answer:                               White
5:Amount?                             P5,000.00 PHP
6:City:                                    Pretoria
7:Country :                            South Africa  This had me confused in all aspects and my patience to be over the limit!!!!  Why would I refund money to that BALOYI when I don't have the payment of Mr. Williams with me????  If for anything I will do the refund, it will be to Mr. Williams and not to that BALOYI!  I replied and said that I will not do what they want me to do unless they credit the whole amount to the my account first.  Because if there's anybody who's compromised and aggrieved in this whole ordeal, it's ME!  By this time, the phone is already with Mr Williams'son in Pretoria.  I can't do anything to retrieve it.  And to top it all off, they have suspended Mr Williams account and will not be revoked unless I make the refund.  NO WAY WILL I PAY THAT REFUND WHEN I DON'T EVEN HAVE HIS PAYMENT!
After such email, I started investigating the email addresses.  Then I contacted Paypal as well as Alpine Bank to confirm if these people are legit and ask for help.  To my surprise, they’ve confirmed that these emails or these people are fraudulent.  By this time, I could not do anything about retrieving back my phone. That money could have been used or budgeted for other immediate and urgent needs with my family.  But they’ve duped me.  I don’t know what to do.  Can you help me? 
If I can’t have the payment, I’ll just not worry about the money anymore.  All I want is for these people to be put jail so that they can no longer victimized other people.  People who are trustful and gullible.
I’ve certainly learned a lot from this experience.  But please, help me put these people to jail.
By the way, let me know if there are other documents or pictures you want to see as a support to my claim.
Hoping for your immediate response on this matter and you will treat this with urgency.

Sincerely yours,KCComplainant

Report ID: 8035
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Flat 6001, Ceres Building, 229 Jeff Masemola Street
Crime Date/Time: 23 Mar 2015, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username8035
Reported Date: 30 Mar 2015, 20:03 PM
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  • Ihatefraud 5 Jun 2017, 08:24 AM

    Sorry for what happend. But i think he's doing it again. Im in transaction with him and its a good thing that i havent shipped the unit. Because im having doubts with the transaction.

  • justicebeserved 26 May 2017, 10:42 AM

    Im sorry for what happened to you. Kindly respond to this because i think my cousin is experiencing the same incident right now that happened to you years ago.

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