threatening murder

This Malvern Nyathi guy is threatening to kill me, how serious should i take this

Roxan De la Mare your ancestors are zulu bra
Ezra Reketai Kkk even if dey r bt dey r dome
Roxan De la Mare lol hai, my husband to be is zulu
Ezra Reketai Kkk ooh damn i guess not all of dem
Roxan De la Mare lol yip not all of them
Marlvern Nyathi All zulus are stupids what they can do is to wait 4 zuma to feed them laizy mother fuckers
Ezra Reketai Dey say what goes around comes around dey must feel de pain of humiliation
Marlvern Nyathi Jar we cant let them spoil the party they better go to hell and kiss devils ass
Ezra Reketai I hear u ma guy
Roxan De la Mare you are no better than them because you are displaying the same hate you are criticizing them for, that's why they wanna kill you, there is no respect all you wanna do is throw hate around, maybe you should just accept your fault in the matter and things will get better cause after all this is South African and you are just a visitor@ Malvern Nyathi
Marlvern Nyathi Mother fucker wu told u im a visitor go fuck king bedwill
Marlvern Nyathi Cant u get it im here to invest pussy blarry zulu
Marlvern Nyathi Zulus will never kill me i can protect myself from those idiots fuck u man dont mind killing u
Roxan De la Mare Even worse, you are a SOUTH AFRICAN showing hatred to this within your OWN country, you need a physiologist, the anger and display you show clearly states that you have engrams, as well as aberration. refrain from talking to me i'm not someone that can help you
Marlvern Nyathi Fuck u man
Roxan De la Mare are you threatening me "LIVE ON FB? you are being highly irrational, i could easily open a case of defamation of character, i have all my proof right here
Roxan De la Mare Ezra Reketai where do you have such friends from bra
Marlvern Nyathi Do it now bitch i will kill u before u open a case asshole
Marlvern Nyathi Killing u is my last choice
Roxan De la Mare you dont know how to use facebook
Marlvern Nyathi U are dead
Roxan De la Mare i'm not scared of you, you are so immature really
Ezra Reketai Ooh shit guys what went wrong

Report ID: 8122
Crime Category: Abuse
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Berea
Address: facebook
Crime Date/Time: 23 Apr 2015, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username8122
Reported Date: 23 Apr 2015, 12:04 PM
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  • NameAndShame 23 Apr 2015, 02:34 PM

    Report it to facebook as a start.

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