On the 16th March I received a call from lady by the name of Palesa Mokoena using number 012 004 2581. She said she is calling from Dept. of Energy in Pretoria and she would like to send me (my company – Business Executrix) a request for quotation. I then gave her my company fax number. The following day, 17th March I received a fax from her requesting that my company provides quotation to supply 200 ZJ Folly Discs. The request for quotation document was on Dept. of Energy letterhead and it had contact details etc. I then looked online for the supplier who can supply me with these discs, I then identified a company based in Cape Town, details as follows: CAPE GROUP ENGINEERING.11th Ave and Denne StreetKraaifontain Industria7570 Capetown Phone: +27 21 300 2470 Fax: +27 86 218 6160 Email: I emailed them requesting that they provide me with a quotation. The receptionist by the name of Precious responded with quotation, stating R400 per disc. I then called her using the details above, asking if they deliver nationally, as these discs needed to be delivered in Pretoria and she informed me that they deliver across the country at an additional cost of R2,500.00 I used the information she gave me to prepare a quotation to be submitted to Dept. of Energy. On the 23rd March I faxed the quotation to Palesa Mokoena using fax number 086 602 2571. On the 26th March, Palesa Mokoena called me back, saying that our quotation has been approved and also asked if it was feasible for us to deliver the materials on Monday, 30th March 2015 before 12h00. I responded to say I will have to check with my supplier and get back to her and we will need a written purchase order to continue. I then called Cape Group Engineering and spoke to Precious, I asked her ifg it was possible for them to send us an invoice and also deliver Monday, 30th March in Pretoria before 12h00. She confirmed that it was possible for Cape Group Engineering to deliver, provided that we make the fully payment by Friday 27th March 2015. I then placed an order and later on 26th March 2015 @ 18h40 I made a payment via EFT an amount of R78, 375.00 the following bank account, which was reflected on the Tax Invoice received from Cape Group Engineering: BANK NAME - FNB ACCOUNT NAME - RAUTLWANA TRADING ACCOUNT NUMBER - 62523266527 BRANCH CODE - 254 005 After making the payment I also sent them proof of payment via email.  On the following day, 27th March 2015 I called Cape Group Engineering and spoke to Precious and she confirmed that they have received the payment and delivery will be made Monday, 30th March 2015 at 192 Visagie Street before 12h00. I then requested her that she informed the driver to call me when he is closer to Pretoria so I can meet with them at Dept. of Energy and she confirmed that they will call me. On Monday 30th March at 09h00 I called Cape Group Engineering, asking if the driver was already around Pretoria or still on his way, Precious said the driver is on his way to Pretoria and they will call me when they are close to Pretoria CBD. At about 12h15, no one had called me, so I panicked and called Cape Group Engineering before they could pick up the phone. I received a call from Palesa Mokoena (from Dept. of Energy) saying that she has received the discs and she is happy with all of them and I should send her a Tax Invoice. I then insisted that I would like to come and hand it in, she is said it’s not necessary they do payments even if it’s faxed copy invoice. She gave her fax number 086 602 2571 again to send the Tax Invoice. I went to postnet in Francis Baard str. and faxed the tax invoice. After that I called Cape Group Engineering, and spoke to Precious again and asked her to send me proof of delivery, she said she will do it once the driver is back. Two days later I called her again on the landline mentioned above, asking for proof of delivery but my call was transferred to Cell Phone voicemail. I tried calling at least once a week and no one ever answered the phone and it kept on taking me to voicemail, the number of the cellphone linked to the landline number of 083 940 9886. On the 06 May 2015, I called Palesa Mokoena number 012 004 2581 following up on our payment. The number was disconnected, no longer exist. I then called Dept. of Energy switchboard, the person who picked up a phone informed that there is no Palesa Mokoena working for Dept. Of Energy and she asked me to confirm the number she used to call me, I told her 012 004 2581. She said the whole thing it’s a scam, they have been receiving lot of calls from people stating a similar story. And Dept. of Energy can’t assist us get the money we have lost. We need to report the issue to their Risk management Department. I called Mapale – Dept. of Energy Risk Management representative on 012 406 7382 but there was no answer. I then called Cape Group Engineering again, and I was transferred to cellphone voicemail system of the number 083 940 9886. I have emailed them, asking that they send me proof of delivery and I have not received any response.

Report ID: 8178
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Kraaifontein
Address: Sunninghill, Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 30 Mar 2015, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username8178
Reported Date: 7 May 2015, 14:05 PM
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  • james4 8 May 2015, 10:34 PM

    you were scammed. try and recover the money you paid

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