Vehicle scam

This guy advertises cars at ridiculous prices  eg in Junkmail and then demands payment before delivery. Email correspondence follows:
Hi,     The car is on the road awaiting the payment.  Is it ready? Delivered with youRegards,
David Jacobs
Construction Manager
+44 1234 70503Hi,      Coming from JHB and will be in Durbanville tomorrow morning if you will pay today. Please let me know. Thank youRegards,David Jacobs
Construction Manager
+44 1234 70503Hi,     Are you still interested? Is the payment ready?Regards,
David Jacobs
Construction Manager
+44 1234 70503Hi,
   A 10 days refund policy is included so if you will not like the car or if something will be wrong you will receive your money back in the same day without any charges from your side. If you don't trust me please contact eBay: . They will confirm that the transaction is 100% safe. Thank you
David Jacobs
Construction Manager
+44 1234 705033
United KingdomMorning,       Is your choice, I will have to relist the Fortuner and look for the next buyer.Regards,David Jacobs
Construction Manager
+44 1234 70503etc.He uses this email address: High-Tech Processing (UK) Ltd <>

Report ID: 8198
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Durbanville
Address: internet
Crime Date/Time: 11 May 2015, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username8198
Reported Date: 13 May 2015, 11:05 AM
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  • Eben5 28 May 2015, 07:52 PM

    Yea this is obviously a scam, I took the guy on directly when I received the same reply from 2 different JunkMail adds... Remember the first rule about safe online shopping: If it seems to good to be true it probably is not true. Here follows the mail I got back as a response.... Hello, Thank you for your interest. I am selling the bike so cheap because I am in United Kingdom with my new job and I just finished a divorce. I will stay here for 3 years so this is the reason why I want to sell the bike. I am a Verified Seller so the transaction will be done through eBay so we can both be protected. If you are ready for this purchase, I need to know your full name and address for delivery because as soon as I have them I will start the official procedure and eBay will notify you about this. eBay will send you an Invoice with all the info you need to complete the transaction. Also a 10 days refund policy will be included so if you will not like the bike or if something will be wrong you will receive your money back in the same day without any charges from your side. Thank you Regards, Daniel Jacobs Construction Manager 44 1234 705033 United Kingdom

  • Shantel2 28 May 2015, 08:25 AM

    Hi This guy keeps on putting ads up and when you say you are interested he sends you exactly the same response he sent you for other ads. He is a scam! BEWARE! Where can you report him so that nobody else gets caught if you already reported him on the website he keeps on advertising on?

  • Mike55 19 May 2015, 09:11 PM

    Thanks I nearly got caught by this person trying to sell me a Mercedes. Why haven't the cops got this person?

  • Jeandre2 17 May 2015, 02:02 PM

    This person was trying to scam me by selling a caravan. We were busy corresponding when we thought of just checking first. Thank you for loading it and making us aware.

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