On 17 November 2014 I did some research on Wendy houses for sale on the internet as I needed to purchase 1 for myself. This Wendy house would be utilised as my home, as I just bought a vacant plot in Kalbaskraal. Off all the places and quotes, I decided to go with Greystone Trading as they offered the best price for the size Wendy house I needed. I accepted the quote and ordered the 2 bedroom Wendy.   I then applied for a Bank load in order for me to purchase the Wendy. The bank loan was granted. I was told by Kay at the Greystone offices to make immediate payment and make it available immediately in order for me to get my house within 2 days. Which I then did.   I received NO delivery of any Wendy until today.   I contacted Greystone constantly from there on for them to deliver and erect my Wendy. I was told by Alrich that my delivery date will be 1/12/2014. I asked if it will be possible to move the date up as I have given up my flat on promises for the first delivery date and therefore now am homeless. (With my daughter (24) and her daughter (2))   The manager at Greystone Carmen phoned me to advise that they can deliver the Wendy on Thursday 27/11/2014. I even took off that day from work to make sure that I am on site to assist. By 12pm that day I started phoning as nobody pitched. I were put on hold, or put through from the 1 to the other and nobody could give me an answer, the manager refused to take my call or returned my call. I by then got in my car, drove to their offices where I managed to see the manager. She said that they had made a mistake, but delivery will only be on Monday 1/12/2014.   Ismail Majiet, the owner apologised for their mistake and advised that they WILL deliver on Monday. Monday morning, Greystone contacted me and said that the truck should be on route by 11am. By 12pm my daughter advised that they did not arrive yet. I contacted Greystone and once again, nobody could assist as usual. The building department then notified me by 1pm that the truck had a breakdown on route. They would be sending the mechanic and keep in touch. Never happened. I contacted Greystone the next morning, they advised that the truck is still broken.   I have phoned and phoned and phoned…….. NO WENDY, NO REFUND!

Report ID: 8460
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Malmesbury
Suburb: Western Cape
Address: Plot 713
Crime Date/Time: 17 Nov 2014, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username8460
Reported Date: 29 Jun 2015, 16:06 PM
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  • Nadeem2 14 Jul 2015, 10:46 AM

    Please the shame is happenining To me please email me with there new address so I can take them down my email is

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