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Report ID: 5666 Crime Category: Other Province: Northern Cape City/Town: Upington Suburb: N/A Address:44 Brakbos Ave, UpingtonCrime Date/Time:12 February 2014, 1:00PMReported Date:13 February 2014Related Link:Related Link in MediaThe IncidentI replied on an advertisement for British Short-haired kittens. They sent me a price of R2800 plus R500 shipping (airfare and courier to my door) and I offered them R1500, as that was all I had. After I asked questions, like "To which associations / cat clubs they belong, and can they send me 5 people's names and numbers that they have sold to", I was ignored for a day. Then they let me know "They will not do business with me as I think bad things of them". 
This is the initial email they sent me when I inquired about the kittens. (They even sent me 8 beautiful pictures of 4 kittens, named Dans, Darel, Nicky and Prince":
Dear Sir / Madam
You see a small, cuddly, playful kitten. It brings happiness and joy. You want to pick it up, pet it, hug it and hold it against your bosom. You feel its warmth and the purring sound it makes as a reward for your efforts. However, you are an adult and before you can give in to your emotions, you need to make sure that your decision to take this little cuddly thing with you and provide it with all its necessary needs is not going to change in two weeks. Its life may be very long, around 15 years and it is not a small task to care for and create a happy healthy life for this kitten. That is why before purchasing a kitten, please ask yourself the following questions.
Why do I need a kitten?Which would you prefer to have a boy or a girl?Would you mind spending money on food, toys and other necessary items or paying for a vet if needed?Do you have enough time to spend with this kitten so it is not lonely.Don't forget that you are going to be everything to that little kitten.You are to be its mommy and daddy for the rest of its life.Are you ready to make a commitment?You need to decide whether this kitten will be a show cat, breeder or just a house pet.These are important issues to consider. So we urge you to give it a lot of thought.

All our kittens are vet checked at 6 and 11weeks
 and up-to date with their age-appropriate vaccinations ,and come with the following accessories :
Gift package from Royal Caninfood sample
Blanket and toy with familiar scents
A lifetime of support
2 year Genetic Health guarantee and 2 year FIP guaranteePet kittens will be spayed or neutered before delivery

The pictures of the babies attached to this email are all available.
They go for R 2800 each.
Where are you based?
Transportation can be arranged but for R 500 extra (buyers cost)
how soon do you need a Kitten?
Best Regards
Contact Detail
Contact: Lisa Arnold & Piere Arnold

Cell: +27(0) 83 597 2117
Tel/Fax : +27(0) 865976046

Physical address:
44 Brakbos Anvenue, Upington
Northern Cape, South Africa

I was looking for a British short haired kitten. Upon contacting a supposed advert i was put in touch with an email account i googled the address and was sent here. So i played along and got banking details i hope this helps others.Bank name ...... Standard bankAccount name...... G SiphesihleAccount number.... 10073902517Branch code.......051001
Hope this helps eliminate future crimes

Report ID: 9517
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: randburg
Address: 44 Brakbos Anvenue, Upington Northern Cape, South Africa - See more at: http:
Crime Date/Time: 9 Jul 2015, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username9517
Reported Date: 8 Jul 2015, 13:07 PM
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