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Hi, my name is jaco van de venter id num [Removed] I have got a BIG BIG BIG!!!!!!! problem.I was working with dykes van heerden attorneys I met a girl Nicolette Erasmus she was working at betterect steel company sinse I met this girl I have been hearing voices seems I am being watchHer father is olso working with police she told me he is head of police now may uncle is related to them nicky Erasmus and his boy corne Erasmus they are watching me I am not sure how with satellite or something they olso now some of my friends I will give you a list of the people watching me I don’t now how but I can hear themI tried everything to get this people that I can hear out of my head I went for help not on drugs and I can still hear them seems this nick Erasmus is sowing my penis photos and videos toThe rest of my family his son corne Erasmus is a body bulder on steroids so now they are a gang of my old school buddies they now this corne and the one wants to be stronger then the other one Every day I hear they want to kill me end moer me then I get gross I tel the they must come but they never do I am olso well buld normally I think they are jelloseHere is I list of people that I now watching me johan Coetzee,atie Coetzee,max kruger,Andrew minino,jonny minino,alta bann,patrys bann,there is quit a bit of people watching me I think the,It tecnition at dykes his name is ab visser high in computers plenty conections chris dykes Pieter dykes,johan van heerden ,armant nel kalla wolla the main people is my ex girlfriend she is has aTwin sister ricollete Erasmus and her husband rickus staing in wolframstatI went to Krugersdorp police station 3 times with this story cant help me and labourlaw officesOlso no help I now of fraud taking place at dykes van heerden attorneys a lady working there Sonja jonker she made my drivers  license for me I do not have drivers license at all I was working there for 2 years the things is saw will surprise you this lady sonja jonker is frauding hand signs on checks and ectI was doing refunds and clearance cirtificates on houses for them some of the refunds went missing never allocated to the client from city of jhbTere was money paid in to may broter in laws bank account may brother Ronnie campher he is in a relationship with this Sonja jonker The time I was working with the attorneys I was staing with them address:101 moller street witpoortjie mindaloreHe and the ladies at dykes account department had some kind of agreement he told me Tanya and Betsy cowdyDid pay money in to my brother in laws bank account +-R20000.00 he said to me it was a diamond that he sold but I now he stold one of the refunds at dykesHe needed a bank account to get the money paid in to thats who may broter in law comes in the story he needed some one that the people of dykes did not nowNow this sonya jonker she frauded  the registration letters at dykes there is 3 or 4 ladies that I now of fraudindg reg letters mandy ruiter,wendy male,emmie van der walt ,Roxanne ristowI resign from dykes attorneys and I moved in with my sister and brother in law went looking for job got job at blue key road safty olso in Krugersdorp on the way to silver star casinoNow may brother has got a baby girl with Bernice van der elst her mom is working at blue key road safty this people now some police but this police is corrupted they olso now my ex girlfried Nicolette Erasmus it’s a hall gang of corapted police and some of them has got ladies working for dykes attorneys there is one ladys I  no of leoni and carien Jacobs charmaine she is consaltent for dykes this carin Jacobs her husband is working were my ex was working betterect all of them are related some how martin is the big boss of betterect olso watching me they are ivading my privacyNow may brother has got a divrent father then so he has got different sisters and brothers ten me he told me as well is brother boetie ott is olso checking people out don’t know with sattilite or what then they steel peoples money out of tere bank acc`s olso I am being acoust of rapeing my brothers baby girl Bernice van der elst and Loraine van der elst ,gary van der elstThe people from blue key road safty is olso watching me tere is a gay there olso body bulder he nows corne Erasmus his name is jowarny olso want to be strong but never come if I tell him he must come I am walking in the streets talking to tem people around me think I am crazy like I said I went for help and not on drugs!!!!!!this one gay raymont leacher he is over seas so I heard his sisterEmerache leacher olso watching me this gay raymont olso on steroids body bulder olso wants to be strong was working for fire department in krugerdorp.Charls barnard has got bike shop in Krugersdorp I worked tere as well see the shop is closed olso on steroids body builder friend with these other body bulders me I am not a big gay just well buld normally and seems I can hear this people they are acousing me of spayking steroids and raping children I tell them every day they must take me for tests at hospital or police stationI have been looked at for +-3 years now I hear them every second of the day what I thing is the attorneys nows I now to match and they want to get rid of me no one can help me with this matter please assist I am going to post this letter to sa labour law en scorpions this is a big story if this people get locked up or going to court I want to defent my self I have evidence for you as well frauded checks’reg letters,drivers licence the lady at dykes her name is clover de silva be very careful this people are cleaver I even went to Krugersdorp counsel to tell them dykes is doing fraud.Please help me cant live like this every one thinks I am grazy I do not have eny place to stay I got job yesterday at spur but living on the streets I cant work like that and this people that is watching me is eretating me so I talk to them and evry one thinks I am crazy so not going to take job at spur I am going to port Elizabeth my mother my father thinks I am grazy I am swearing the hall time even in the streets I olso resign at blue key becose of this voises there is a nater gay david king olso working at blue key its on big mess PLEASE HELP REGGARDIN THIS MATTERMay cousin rimpie bann hang him self because he olso were being watched they scered him one night and he was yousing crystal meth,olso benice van der elst acoust him of rapinig tere baby now he is dead and now they are acousing me of rapping,steroids I am still waiting for Pieter dykes to give me a polygraph test he said he is going to run polygraph test on all the ladies in the office he never did that was 2 years ago there is relly something fishy goning on               I now 2 cases of murder as well that was never investigated atie coetzee an friend killed a gay to sleep with his womanThis story I heard from a old man that passed away he told me evin were thay barried the body its located in Carletonville I olso worked with police in Carletonville as I was growing up inspecter Jacques nagel I did some drug busts for him in koetsong and Carletonville taxi rankI can assore you I am not crazy and I am one of the fearest and onest people I now.May brother in law had no ide of the money that was paid in to his acc my broter told him is sonya jonker`s dead husbands boodle or somethingI think my hall family is behind this as well, covering up for one anotherWho ever reads this please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report ID: 9570
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Westrand
Suburb: krugersdorp
Address: 13 seringa
Crime Date/Time: 9 Jul 2015, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username9570
Reported Date: 22 Jul 2015, 10:07 AM
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