On 12 May 2015 I have bought a car privately.  I have ask the Mechanic of Malan & Patricia's Auto Servives to check what is wrong on car out of a mechanical sight, he's reply was "small faults, won't even cost you R2000.  On 13 May 2015 the car went to his home (he is running a business from home).  He started with the car, and every 2 weeks he requested money for this part and that part etc.  All payment was done via EFT to him.  He also requested a new gearbox for the car as according to him it was faulty.  So we bought a gearbox and it was delivered to him.  I have asked and paid him money, as I have also requested that he take the car when he is done for Roadworthy as the testing station is not far from him.  He agreed and got paid R200 exstra for his time.  He phoned me to collect the papers as he said the car went for testing, he just need to do small stuff on the car.   On 15 July 2015 I have receive an SMS, stating "Your car is on the pavement with the key in the visor".  When my husband and me got to the car, the windscreen had chip marks and cracks on, it looked if the car was in an accident from behind.  This is not how he took the car on 13 May 2015.  As we tried to drive the car home we found that the gears still does not work, the engin is making a hudge noise, the oil are running out of the car.  I called him and comfronted him he said the car is right.  I have asked him that I need a receipt for the money paid and I want it on paper on what he did on the car, till today he refuses.  I have found out that the car went through testing In Pretoria, when I asked him how did the car go for testing in Pretoria when the car was suppose to be in his yard, he said that he have paid someone to do it for him without seeing the car.  For 3 months now I struggle.  On the 15 July 2015 I took the car to " Service Station in Trichardt" and asked them to check for me what is wrong with the car as it just came from a mechanic.  Till today the car is still there being inspected, as they have found that nothing was done on the car by the mechanic just tampering.  This Malan & Patricia's Auto Services is conducting illegal business from their house.  I need to know what can I do in this situation, as money was paid, nothing was done, and their are damages on the vehicle which was not there (I have before photo's and can get after photo's).  I also have all SMS'es and whatsapp where all comminication regarding this was saved.

Report ID: 9600
Crime Category: Other
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Secunda
Address: De Villiers street
Crime Date/Time: 12 May 2015, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username9600
Reported Date: 29 Jul 2015, 11:07 AM
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