So I get a call on an ad placed on OLX and Gumtree from a guy called NICO STEENKAMP tel number: 082 388 4302. To MY DAM STUPIDITY I decided to listen to this guy as he wanted my items for his wife's birthday. In 10 minutes he sent me proof of payment via sms, via email, from a gmail address: steenkamp243@gmail.com and he also sent me proof of residence and copy of id and copy of passport. He then asks me if I can drop it which I continually say no because I want the funds to reflect in my account first. Anyways after begging I eventually agreed for him to send his driver by the name of Francis 061 890 3909. The driver rocked up here in a Red Nissan Sentra160i with the Registration number: BLOOFR GP. They collected the items and I have not received the funds. I have now tried calling them and sms them but no luck. I AM SO DISGUSTED WITH THE EVIL IN THIS DAM WORLD. Be careful everyone, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OR SELL ANYTHING on OLX or Gumtree. May you all rot in HELL!!!!

Report ID: 9610
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Montana Gardens
Address: Breedt Str, Montana Gardens
Crime Date/Time: 30 Jul 2015, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username9610
Reported Date: 31 Jul 2015, 13:07 PM
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  • John B 6 Aug 2015, 12:04 PM

    Received a call from this Nico Steenkamp (0823884302) Looking to buy our TV on OLX. Wanted to pay via EFT. After sending my bank details I received the sms confirmation from his bank (Nedbank), which obviously looked legit. First he said it was an immediate payment which would cost him R50 extra, then after telling him that I was going to wait for the funds before confirming the sale, he said that it would take a few hours "but the funds are on the way". During the whole negotiation he was continuously asking for my address - which I did not give. The urgency and manner the way these guys speak is very unprofessional.

  • Handri 2 Aug 2015, 02:52 PM

    Hi Jason, I'm glad my mistake helped another person :) Have an awesome day.

  • Jason Evershed 2 Aug 2015, 01:39 PM

    He just did contacted me to buy a fridge. Thanks for your post otherwise I might of been in the same position.

  • Handri 1 Aug 2015, 08:11 PM

    I just got contacted by the driver, saying that Vennon did not pay him the money he promised, and he still has my item. He apparently gave an affidavit to the police and is willing to bring the item over, but he needs money for fuel. I can't believe these people. Is it possible to track a phone number, as the 'driver' is clearly still using the number.

  • Handri 1 Aug 2015, 06:26 PM

    Hi, this is exactly what happened to me yesterday. The person who called me went by the name of Vennon Matthews (076 811 5490). He first sent a cab to pick up one of the items. (I refused to give both items he 'bought' before the money cleared). After the cab driver informed me he only transports people, another driver by the name of Richard (083 432 7906) were sent over. I did not get a clear look at the car, but it was also a red vehicle. I am currently trying to track down the cab driver, to see if I can find the trip destination.

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