fraud took place at O.R Tambo

Rand i should pay an amout of R2850 for the parcel to be scanned and sent to me as soon as possible i told her i ddnt have money but i will see what i can do. I paid on the 30th of May that R2850 into Mr Ronny Matibidi (account number 10055985546 into Standard bank). After paying that money, she gave me this number to contact the person who is going to scan the parcel and send it to me she said even if i could give him a missed call he will contact me back his name is William his contact number is 0631113157. I did as i was told, he told me my parcel came to him and he said he will contact me as soon as he is done with it and he assured me that he will take good care of it, he needs to do the procedure. The following day i was told my parcel had a trace of money when scanned could i confirm how much is inside a big parcel, i watsapped my fiance he said inside a big parcel there is 5000€. Then william calculated the and converted it into South African Rands he said it was 90 something thousand i should pay an amount of 15000 so that he dsnt report the parcel to the officials of the OR Tambo which i made R 5000 on the 2nd of June, then on the 11th of the same month i made a payment of 8000 then later that month on the 17th followed the payment of R2000 which made an amount of 15000 into Ronny Matibidi's standard bank account 10055985546. On the 18th i was told i should deposit an amount of 2550 into the same account for tax i paid. Later in the same month i paid 7560 for delay charges into the same account of Ronny matibidi. On the 3rd of july i was told the lady from the DHL courier services found money inside a small parcel an amount that exceeds 20,000€ i should confirm with my fiance how much was in there. I asked him he said there is 40,000€ which he didnt want to tell me about because he wants to buy me and my daughters a house in Harrismith, i told William what my fiance said, then William said i should bribe the lady from the courier services an amout of R 35000 i refused, my fiance insisted because he wanted to come to South Africa to see us. I made a payment into this account 10073173132 for Miss KB Manganyi its a standard bank account an amount of 20, 000 first on the 3rd of July, on the 6th of the same month i made a payment of 10,000, then the following day on the 7th may i was called again to finish the balance with 500 charge on top to the 5000 i was left to pay i paid 5500. On the 8th of July my fiance came to SA he was taken to custody there by the airport, he was told its illigal to send someone a parcel with money, he didnt know because he is not a South African and the parcel was a surprise for me, i was told that i should pay 37500 for his release at the airport and i should deposit the money for his transport from OR Tambo to Harrismith which is 3200 with a maxi taxi. On the 9th i was called and told the lady say the money for tax of the 80kg im expecting will be 40700 which i made a 20700 deposit and transfered 20000 from my mother's fnb account to standard bank which took 48 hours to be recived by (K.B Manganyi acc number 10073173132). Then i was asked to pay R10000 into Miss KB Manganyi (acc number 023881550 standard bank) on the 14th of the same month and 5000 later on same day to the different account for Miss N. Mngomezulu (acc number 10063356331). Later that day i was told the delivery to Harrismith would cost 32000 which i made the same day on the 14th of July to (Miss N Mngomezulu 10063356331 standard bank), when i calculate all the money i paid its 140,360. After paying the last amount Nelly called me and told me that William and the lady from DHL courier services were arrested, they kept my fiance for more that 48 hours in custody and did not involve police to arrest my fiance if he comitted a crime. It was hard for him to eat nor drink water because he was hand caffed on the chair. He is epileptic and he has bp. William got arrested for his cellphone that they took from him, my fiance asked william to charge him his cellphone they confiscated it and told him someone took it. I was told to confirm the money that william claimed from me. I was told that the parcel is still there at the airport but i have to pay a delay charge of R19,830 for the parcel to be delivered to me. I paid more than 140, 000 but they are still claiming money from me. On the 31st of august this month i paid 10,000 into Ronny Matibidi 's standard bank account and 10.000 into N. Mngomezulu's standard bank account. On the 3rd of august this month i paid R2800, when i asked why do i have to pay 2800 i was told 1500 is for the driver to take the parcel to DHL courier services somewhere in kempton park from the OR Tambo airport, 1300 paid for my fiance's name to be cleared into the OR Tambo's data base and i paid R8876 into Nnngomezulu's account for her to pay for the parcel at DHL courier services. TODAY WHEN I CALL NOBODY PICKS UP MY CALLS. Can anyone help me. I think my fiance is involved in this. Can any one help me, i lost my job because of this.  I doubt too that William got arrested. 

Report ID: 9632
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Free State
City/Town: Harrismith
Suburb: Intabazwe
Address: O.R Tambo Airport
Crime Date/Time: 27 May 2015, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username9632
Reported Date: 5 Aug 2015, 13:08 PM
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  • Nesimoo 13 Jan 2016, 08:29 AM

    Im also a victim of this scam.recently.

  • Col. Ndwandwe 7 Aug 2015, 03:39 PM

    Seems like you were a victim of 491,i've worked on a simmilar case a couple of months ago and arrested 3 suspects. Please contact me on 083 778 5394

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