ASHA advertises on Gumtree and when you call her,she is brave enough to come and meet you wherever you are or you can go to her, she will ask you to come to town, she allegedly has contacts at all the banks to get you large loans and all you have to do is pay some money upfront it will depend on your individual salary. She and her contact canalso LOAD YOUR BUSINESS CARDS IF YOU HAVE A TITANIUM OR PLATINUM CARD WITH ANY BANK THEY CAN LOAD MILLIONS ON IT AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GIVE THEM A THIRD OF THE MONEY ONCE ITS LOADED, HOWS THAT ONE..She even sent me pictures which i have in my possession of cards that her contacts can LOAD FOR YOU  She is the 'middle' man and her contact at the bank will motivate to get you your loan and can do so by paying people in the bank to get you the loan, it may take a few weeks, just be patient she said. I paid her R5500 and then she comes back to my work place a few days later saying the guy in the bank is getting greedy the need another R2500 and then definitely i will get my loan. That was in May this year, i am still waiting and she didn't realise  that she was under camera surveilaance and all our meetings were recorded whichi have on my flashdrive saved at work, i gave her numerous chances to come clean and just refund me and till today she igonres me. The other day i got through to her number 0844603855 AND SHE SUDDENLY HAD AMNESIA SAYING SHE IS NOT ASHA AND I HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER???What a scamster she is, i promise you she is so genuine and sincere and she plays on your emotions as a woman and a mother and you will beleive every word she says because you are desperate to get out of debt, dont fall for her tricks and her email address is TOO SMOOTH THIS OPERATOR...BEWARE OF ASHA FROM VERULAM,,STANGER..TONGAAT.SHE ALSO WORKS WITH A GIRL BY NAME OF SAMANTHA GOVENDER

Report ID: 9641
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: verulam
Address: durban
Crime Date/Time: 26 May 2015, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username9641
Reported Date: 7 Aug 2015, 20:08 PM
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  • Username9641 19 Sep 2015, 12:18 PM


  • shannin 19 Aug 2015, 07:20 PM

    the newspaper last week had an article on another lady who defrauded about 16 families and she was doing it for years so ladies if Asha and her clan have done you wrong don't worry God is good, he will come through for you as there is no justice in our country but they CAN NEVER ESCAPE THE HAND AND JUSTICE OF THE ALMIGHTY, NEVER I am so sorry that you people had to go through this, it makes me be ashamed to be an indian, our reputation as rogues and thieves just grows everyday, you just have to open any newspaper we are featuring..

  • Username7451 15 Aug 2015, 01:51 PM

    I know this lady Asha and Samantha and they have been scamming people for years and i always prayed that they will get caught because they took about R7OOO from my aunty who was so desperate to get out of debt that she fell for all their lies and words of comfort and confidence, she is now suffering more than before because of them and the thing is my aunt did not go to the police because they told her they were getting the loan through the 'back' doors in the banks and she was too scared she will get into trouble but GOD IS SO GOOD, thank you to all who are helping them to get caught and now they will pay, KARMA IS B.....

  • vanitha 8 Aug 2015, 07:44 PM

    Hi I think i know who you are talking about, this lady might live in my area and i heard about this before i just didnt believe it but i will leave my email and phone number and you can send me her photo to verify and then i will also know, i think its her and another younger lady thats involved in this. thanks for letting us know lady

  • shannin2 8 Aug 2015, 12:51 AM

    hey this lady sounds very familiar, is she short and dark in complexion maybe late 40s or 50s, i have heard about her, why don't we compare notes i might be able to help you. Please send me her picture to confirm please so i will know if this t=is the same lady who promised to help an aunt of mne and also ran away with her money

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