SCAM: NAMIBIAN TRUCK DRIVER EMBEZZLES R9000 FROM LANDROVER DISCOVERY  ADVERTISER ON AUTOTRADER AND GUMTREEThe notorious "Namibian truck driver", now claiming to be “Johannes Nangolo” (apparently also known as “Thomas”,“Rudi”, “Patrick”, “JP”), pounced again. He embezzled R9000 Rand from me. His cellphone number is still 0788644787 (Google it. It will appear in connection with a similar scam. Click on: also used 0729306992 once or twice.) “Johannes Nangolo” called on 10 August 2015 in response to my AutoTrader and Gumtree adds for my Land RoverDiscovery 4. Black man from Namibia, speaks fluent Afrikaans. Buoyantly rattles off his surname (Nangolo) in army style: “November!– alpha! – November! – golf!– Oscar! – Lima! – Oscar!”. Friendly and convincing. On his way to Rustenburg from Oranjemund (or Port Nolloth?) to deliver or pick up mining equipment. Works on the diamond mines in Namibia. Eagerly wants to buy my car. Offers much less at first, but swiftly agrees to my much higher minimum, without further haggling. Here is the plan, stripped to its bare essentials, and executed by means of numerous phone calls:Day 1, phase 1: FirstI must buy Johannes MTN airtime. He is unable to do so, being en route fromNamibia to Rustenburg. He has to call his wife, Maria, internationally,at home in Oshakati (“910 Sam Nujoma Str, Oshakati”) to explain thetransaction to her and convince her to approve his purchase of the car (“youknow women!”). I oblige.Can I meet him inRustenburg? No, I cannot.  No problem.The plan advances smoothly along a different path.At Johannes’s insistence, I also phone his wife, Maria “in Oshakati” (cell phone: 00264813325793)to request her to phone him. She answers, sounds legitimate."Johannes" later “whatsapp’ed”me a copy of "his" Namibian passport (false? – or belonging to someone else? - see copy below). The numberis P0413356."Johannes" also suggested thatI call his supervisor at work, “Sakkie” or “Sakusa” at 0604879579, who will vouch for his authenticity. (I did not call Sakkie.)Now the plan:  "Johannes" will pay the purchase price (R380k) plus an additional R30k, ie a total of R410k into my bank account. (The extra money is for the taxes that his driver will have to pay at the Namibian border when taking the car across, and of course, I can subtract my airtime expenses from this amount.) (The driver will fly from Windhoek to collect the car (“Will I meet him at the airport? No? No problem – he’ll take a taxi”).I must go to the Police and draw up an affidavit, setting out the particulars of the transaction. That will enable the driver to take the car across the border, etc.I give him my bank account particulars for the payment. Day 2, phase 2: “Frieda”from “Bank Windhoek” in “Oshakati” calls to confirm my banking details in order to transfer the R410k. (All calls from “the bank” show “NoCaller ID”.) (I later Googled Bank Windhoek: apparently no branch in Oshakati.) Frieda informs me that the money will reflect in my account immediately, but thatit will only be released for my use in 21 days, unless an “immediate release fee” of approx. R22k is paid. I express my displeasure, indicating that I now consider cancelling the deal. The phone calls resume, indicating that wife Maria has now arrived at the bank. She is ready to authorise the transfer of R410k into my account, but unfortunately has only R13k in cash to pay for the “immediate release fee”. To speed up the transaction, can I pay R9000 in the meantime to make up the difference? Of course, I can recoup the R9000 from the “extra” R30k that will be paid over to me within minutes. I hesitate. Now "Johannes" steps in with incessant phone calls, unbelievable pressure and an array of tactics, leaving no time for reflection, that ultimately, even against my dear spouse’s protestations, bulldozes me into making this payment of R9000 into the following banking account of “the person who is assisting Maria to finalise the transaction” and standing next to her in the bank: K Moleele, ABSA Savings account 9289 017 538 (later the following account is also offered “to speed things up” if ABSA doesn’t work: MG Molefe FNB Savings account 62397697908).Day 3, phase 3: I check my bank account. Nothing. Frieda calls again. Her manager, “Maxwell”,wishes to speak to me. Afrikaans and/or English, African accent, smooth and convincing.Apologises profusely. The inexperienced Frieda made a calculation mistake. The release fee is not R22k, but actually R28 431. Can I please pay an additional R6 431 to enable them to release my money immediately? I ask for his phone number at the bank. He gives me 0026461256371. (Fake: I laterGoogle it and end up at “BusinessVibes” in Swakopmund who is obviously not involved in this scheme.) Only now does the rat smell strongly enough for me to back off and take my punishment: R9000 down the drain, but not a cent more. Days 4 and 5 and ??: This is not the end of the story. The phone calls from both "Johannes" and "Maxwell", oscillating between pleading and bullying, continue relentlessly: “Pay the R6 431 and the R410k will immediately reflect in you account.” Realising that I had been had good and solid, the only satisfaction I get is to play along, stall them, play them off against each other and sap their phone budget as much as possible.KEY POINTS: Names: Johannes Nangolo, his wife Maria, Frienda and Maxwell from “the bank” (probably all false names?).Institutions: “Bank Windhoek”, Namibia, “Oshakati branch”Telephone numbers: 0788644787 (“Johannes Nangolo”); 0729306992 (“Johannes Nongolo”); 00264813325793 (“Maria”,“Johannes’s” wife); 0026461256371 (fake: “Maxwell” and “Frieda” from “Bank Windhoek” in “Oshakati”); 0604879579 (“Sakusa” or “Sakkie”, “Johannes’s”“supervisor” at “the mine”)Bank accounts used forpayments to Johannes: (1) K Moleele, ABSA Savings account 9289017538 and (2) MG Molefe, FNB Savings account 62397697908Namibian Passport number of “Johannes Nangolo”:  P0413356 (see copy/attachment below)I was gullible, but these criminals are professionals. Be careful; count to ten! Remember that even experts such as LeonSchuster and Wackhead Simpson have been “scammed” themselves!Question 1: Should all advertisers not incessantly telephone / sms “Johannes Nongolo”and request him “to pay back the money” he has stolen (including mine!) (numbers:  0788644787 or 0729306992 or 00264813325793).Somehow we have to strike back ourselves. (I did contact the Police; they more or less shrugged their shoulders.) Question 2: Should all advertisers not insist that AutoTrader and Gumtree add a link on their webpages where stories such as this one can be posted, as a warning to others? Their current warning system and security tips are inadequate. This is a photo of "Johannes Nangolo's" passport (real, false, stolen, or belongs to someone else?):

Report ID: 9684
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Pretoria
Crime Date/Time: 14 Aug 2015, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username9684
Reported Date: 15 Aug 2015, 13:08 PM
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  • Gregraygreen 11 Feb 2018, 07:04 PM

    Hi, I think I have just been contacted by this guy. I am selling my trailer and he has pretty much the same story and process. I didn't get his name though but the story line is exactly the same. He has a new cell number 066 150 8084

  • Username6181 16 Oct 2017, 09:31 AM

    Hi. I got the same person on the hook. This time Anton Shikongo.
    We need SAP case numbers from victomes to support an arrerrest.
    Please post it or contac me at 0718879403

  • Username8235 19 Aug 2015, 12:45 PM

    Hi Exactly the same people.

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