Phiri and Eddie the two Conmen

This morning a person by the name of Eddie contacted me regarding meat that he brings from Botswana to Jumbo Meat Market.  Very presentable dressed.  Blue Check Long Sleeve Shirt and nice Jean, but on this left arm he has a scar.  His face looks like if he also had some operation.  Very well spoken.  He told me there is a friend at KFC that he wants me to meet as he is selling Tanzanite to a Jeweller in Florida and the stones were taken to the Jeweller to be tested. I waited in the car. Later on two came to my vehicle, one with a box - full of money (false) I do not know.  Then I had to go back to KFC to meet Phiri, also a very presentable guy.  With tie and brown jacket.  His hair has some grey, it looks like salt and pepper..  Well spoken.  He demanded my purse and my cell phone whilst he will wait at KFC whilst me and Eddie will go and meet the guy with the money and handed over the tanzanite stones and in turn take the money to Phiri.  I have waited for more than half an hour, then I smelt a rat.  I chased back to KFC just to find that Phiri is also gone.  I have asked the carguard, no he said that man just drove off in a Navy Blue Hundayi.  So yes, how stupid could I be to fall for Eddie's story.  I really do hope you can get these guys.  The Eddie is not very tall, but also not to thin.  Phiri is a big guy.  He got into my car and he took my purse and as well as my car licence.  So please let me know.  I want to go with the day you find them.  I want to take a wheel spanner with. 

Report ID: 9726
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Roodepoort
Suburb: Florida Lake
Address: KFC, Goldman Street, Florida
Crime Date/Time: 20 Aug 2015, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username9726
Reported Date: 21 Aug 2015, 01:08 AM
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