OLX Scam

I wanted to sell an item over OLX. A man phoned me immediately telling me he wants it for his son's birthday. He was willing to pay R500 extra if I dropped it off for him. I received an SMS stating that the payment has been made from a Nedbank account. The man sent his driver to meet me (along with a proof of payment and his ID, which is exactly the same as the picture above except for the name). The reference number on the proof of payment was not the same as the one in the SMS. His details are as follows:
Name: Jamal Mokoena (fake, obviously)
Number: 0718395186
His Driver's number: 0731567945

I have been doing some research, and it appears that this guy has been operating like this since at least 2012, using the same methods. He phones, says he needs the item on that same day for his friend/wife/son. He then sends a fake SMS (from a very believable number) from a bank you don't belong to (to use the 48/72 hours excuse). He then gives you a proof of payment paper along with a copy of his ID. It seems he recycles an ID quite a few times by using a different name, before getting a new one.

How have these people not been caught in 4 years? The internet is overflowing with his victims, most of which made a police case. A simple sting operation would easily catch them.

Report ID: 9832
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: not applicable
Crime Date/Time: 15 Sep 2015, 14:09 PM
Reported By: JayJay87781
Reported Date: 15 Sep 2015, 14:09 PM
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  • Karma_will_findu 7 Oct 2015, 06:58 AM

    This exact same picture and very similar ID number was used together with a proof of payment from Standard Bank when I tried to sell my PS3 on gumtree and OLX! The guy who contacted me sent me a whatsapp saying he's from Vredenburg but he has a driver in Table View that can meet me. He will send proof of payment via sms which he did which looks very legitimate! The person called "Will" picking up the PS3 met me at KFC at Marine Circle at Table View beachfront. I told "Will" the sms notification is not enough I'm going to call his friend "Raphael Toffa" to send me copy of Id, proof of payment and address. He emailed me all the details from toffaralph@gmail.com, all looked legit. Since I'm with Absa his proof of payment was from Standard Bank. The letterhead everything looked perfect, the picture of ID looked just like this name same birthdate same id number except for the last number 5 was different. Even called my bank before giving my PS3 to him, of course it didnt show in my account yet as it was different bank. When contacting Standard Bank 2 days later I fwded the email with proof of payment details and ID etc and they said the ref number does not exist. Standard Bank was even surprised at how legitimate the proof of payment looked. The only thing was that the ref number was obviously fake but it also didnt have spaces between the numbers which was the giveaway.
    Numbers "Raphael" and "Will" used was 076 189

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