Without my consent- tax fraud

I was registered as an employee for a business where I declare I have never worked for and never received a salary from. My father's business. He and my mother divorced when I was 6, I have never lived at his address. Last year I worked for a short while which would have been the first time I worked and was eligible for tax. My mother passed away last year and I inherited money. Because of this income, I wanted to find out what my tax number was and I wanted to register for efiling. I phoned sars with my ID number on hand so that they can tell me my tax number. I could verify my identity somewhat, but when they ask me to gove them the name of my first work who registered me for tax, I could not. Because I havent worked there! My mother used to live at number seven of a street and my dad also lives at number seven. I could also not verify a correct home address. I have before only lived with my mom. When I gave my telephone number and my mom's address (the address where I lived), the consultant said that the number of the street is right but the street name is incorrect. This made me suspicious. So I tried my dad's home address and the consultant on the phone said that it was the correct address. This made me know that my father registered me for tax and I knew that I have not received a salary for working at his business. I found out more and found out that the more employees salaries a business pays, the less tax they pay. I think this is why my father registered me as an employee in his company and as far as I know this is fraud committed by him. He had access to a copy of my ID and higs character is dishonest enough that he could have easily forged my signature on documents. I declare that I have never worked for him. This year I started working again at my 2nd job. This is my first month. I just received my first payslip at this business. This business' accountant asked me for my tax number and I told him about the fraud my dad did and said to him I phoned sars before but they wouldnt give my my tax number because I could not verify my identity over the phone. The accountant said that I must try phoning my dad and asking him that I know he registered me and that I want my tax number. I phoned my dad. I got my tax number. (Felt furious at him, but had to be polite because I needed my tax number from him). The I tried registering myself for efiling. I could not. The system said that my ID was already registered to a tax payer!!!!!! FURIOUS!

Report ID: 9864
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Alberton
Address: Various
Crime Date/Time: 26 Sep 2015, 05:09 AM
Reported By: Albertonian
Reported Date: 26 Sep 2015, 05:09 AM
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