Loan Fraud

I lost more than R20000.00 in hard earned cash due to my wife's stupidity through desperation.
She was granted a loan from Bayport for R80 000.00 I had to pay R1520.00 for the contract, then I had to pay R6950.00 for the release code to have the money transferred into my account, then I had to pay R7650 for the insurance on the money and then they wanted another R15550.00 for the tax clearance on the money. Luckily I did not pay the last fee. I then contacted them and demanded a refund, but no, they need another R3690.00 in order to re-activate my account to do the refund. The people involved are Mrs Tracy with email, a certain Dr Kahn and Morgan with telephone number 0817614025. THIS IS A SCAM!!! PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!
25th August, 2015.
Loan Approval Letter
Dear Sarah-Jane Smit,
Everyday Loans is pleased to inform you that your application for a Loan of R80,000.00 has been approved and it will be confirmed subject to the completion of formalities. As per the terms and conditions for any Loan, your first payment is due 3months after the loan amount is disbursed to you.
The time period of paying back loan is 4 years. Please be informed that we charge 3.5% interest rate on the entire term of the loan. And an administration fee will be paid by the borrower to our company's Attorney which will be used to acquire legal document (Loan contract between the borrower and Everyday Loans) to back up your loan. The loan administration fee stands at the rate of R1, 520.00 for a loan.
Loan Amount: R80,000.00
Loan Interest Rate: 3.5%
Total payable: 85,847.04
48 Monthly payments of: 1,788.48
Total interest: 5,847.04
End date: 2019

Report ID: 9887
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Everyday loans, Ocean Finance, Oceanic Finance
Crime Date/Time: 30 Sep 2015, 14:09 PM
Reported By: Barrabong
Reported Date: 2 Oct 2015, 14:10 PM
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