I was scammed by Techworld Electronics in conjunction with Optimal Couriers using the following Web address: http://optimalcourserves.com. I had suspicions initially but when my package appeared to have a tracking number and a link on which I could trace it I started to feel at ease. I had purchased 2 X Pioneer CDJ350, DJM350 mixer, Techniques Headphones and a flight case for my equipment. All inclusive for R8200. In addition to this, I paid R3050 for import duties since the merchandise was supposedly imported. All to discover that the delivery will never be made and the accounts used to receive the EFT payments were fraudulently opened by stealing identities of innocent surveillance. They also steal company registration numbers to make their invoices appear legitimate. We followed up on the account details to monitor activity only to find that the money deposited was withdrawn almost immediately after being transferred. The Techworld Electronics business has a Bloemfontein business address on the invoice, yet multiple Alberton ATMs were used to withdraw the deposited funds. The bank accounts involved in this transaction have been frozen but nothing from them will ever be recovered. I need much more than a case number from SAPS. I am looking for a private investigator to help me bring these thugs to book and prevent them from spreading the calamity to innocent people of this country. Over the phone, the Rueben fellow concerned did not sound South African at all. I am not generalising, I am merely pleading for caution! I have a stack full of information around these perpetrators which can swiftly lead to their arrest when placed in the hands of the right people. What makes me sad is that dj-ing deep house music was and still is my childhood passion but unfortunately it is not a cheap hobby. After saving for as long as I have only to be robbed was a painful slap on the face. Please avoid such scams. Something called a bargain does not exist. Any Private Investigators out there willing to help?

Report ID: 9897
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Alberton
Crime Date/Time: 1 Oct 2015, 20:10 PM
Reported By: 17061987
Reported Date: 4 Oct 2015, 21:10 PM
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