Scam from Science lab,Water n Sanitation & Grick Manuf.

Good day

Going to make a long story short.

I was almost caught in this stupid scam and it really frustrates me that these people are not from South Africa but yet they have access to almost everything they can use to scam us.

Company: Water and Sanitation
Name: Lethabo Makgasela or Pamela
Contact Number: 012 754 6820
Email Address:
Address: 185 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria, 001
Needed a quote for Grickon Cylinders, 450 units. They were quick to give me the Tender and was rushing to have it by Friday.

Company: Science Laboratory World (PTY) Ltd
Name: Bridgette
Contact number: 021 823 1731
Email Address:
Address: 32 Fichat Street, George, Western Cape,6529
Supplies the Grickon Cylinders at R460 each and delivery is included. Was in a hurry to get payment and then deliver it before Friday. After being suspicious I asked for Company Reg Docs,Directors ID, Letter from the bank with banking details. Never heard from her again

Company: Grick Manufacturing (PTY) Ltd
Name: Jordan
Contact Number: 021-801-7866
Email Address:
Address: 14 Industrial Road, Kraaifontein Industrial, Cape Town,7570
Also supplies Grickon Cylinders, he is actually from Science Lab they moved premises and their warehouse is in Cape Town. Asked him for documents and he said he cant get the boss's ID but he supplied me with a Tax clearance certificate and a letter from the bank with the account details but advised me not to use that banking details I should rather usE Standard Bank S.NIKINI Account Number: 10022268489. He advertises on Gumtree and I have reported him.

Water and Sanitation(Lethabo) still phoning me to ask when we will deliver!!!!
Grick Manufacturing(Jordan) still phoning me asking me about the quote he sent me and he needs my Tax Clearance Certificate. What the hell for? Just to use my documents to scam some other person/Company.

Please be alert guys and go with your gut.

Report ID: 9907
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: George
Address: 14 Industrial Road,Cape Town & 32 fFichat Street,George
Crime Date/Time: 1 Oct 2015, 11:10 AM
Reported By: Irritated88008
Reported Date: 7 Oct 2015, 12:10 PM
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