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Bad Treament of Dogs

Animal Cruelty

This grandpa has more than 15 dogs in his yard all are tied up with rope and short chain where they are unable to move is unemployed as well. Lucky Lucy or SPCA could take the dogs but i think they do not know about this cruelty and abusive condition

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Drugs Hotspot


The are drug dealers in this area who are known as Mpho, Mosotho, Maneli the drugs they are selling are making people hallucinate but when they are arrested they come back i assume is that laboratory is expecting a real cocaine so they goes on ruinin

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Kids Raping Monster


This guy is calling kids inside his house to watch porn after that he will tell them to choose the style from the video they will prefare. Then he will have sex with them and give them money and tell them not to report otherwise he will kill them. Wh

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