Reports By: Kaitlin_Becks

Locked up cat

Animal Cruelty

I'm not sure this is considered a crime, but I think it's cruel treatment towards an animal. One of my neighbours in this complex I'm living is keeping his cat as a prisoner locked up in the flat. Nobody even knew he had a cat until one of my other n

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Scam job


I would like to report this fake person with his fake company and scam job as well as his accomplice. The owner of Redbush productions in Johannesburg David Roos and his accomplice Martin King is a scam and fake. He is also suffering from a mental di

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Rape/Racism/Sexual assault


I never reported it because I was ashamed and in shock, but I been raped about 6 times by different people because of my race and religion and nobody cares. Nobody is willing to participate in the investigation and I don't even know all their names.

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Scam fake job and abuse

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