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raucous partying


Loud raucous drunken teenage party going on with parents permission, without neighbours permission. How can this be allowed? Police have already been called out once and the music went down for about 5 minutes!  

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road rage

Reckless Driving

As we were driving out of the parking area at the Cavendish mall a man was parked behind the other cars that were in parking bays, blocking the road. we could not overtake as a vehicle was coming from the other direction. When clear, I, as passenger,

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South African Robin killed in my garden

Animal Cruelty

The neighbours son stuck his BB gun over our wall from their side and aimed into the tree. He fired off a round. The robin fell to the ground, wounded, but still alive. My husband ran to the wall yelling at the boy. He ran away. My husband picked up

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Burglar scared off by alarm

Break In - House

A burglar was scared off by the house alarm when trying to go through the house. He encountered the owner of the house who he passed without incident and disappeared out the back garden. The burglar is not likely to return as the reaction was over-wh

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