Reports By: Variac

This lowlife thief steals from Kenilworth houses

Break In - Other

My cameras captured this thief who currently 'operates' in Upper Kenilworth. He walked past my house 4 times, entered my driveway and my pic shows him just before he climbed over my front gate.  He then stole my front door mat (replacement

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Break in by crowbar private home

Break In - House

My home in Cape Town Southern suburb Kenilworth was broken into by the so-called crowbar gang. The idividuals then smashed my almarm systen in a futile attempt to silence the alarm system, created an awful mess by emptying cupboards, breaking a filin

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Ex AA Truck Driver Surname Neethling Stole Diver Watch

Stolen - Other

Apologies to the site owners and readers about the date above which is incorrect. This theft of my R8'000 Nivada diver's watch took place several years ago.   On the date of the theft, my car broke down with a broken clutch cable on the M3

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